Mandip Mudhar Memorial Foundation | Objectives


Educate and promote the importance of organ donation within Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups.

Emphasising the protection and promotion of health, the relief of poverty and the promotion of good relations between people of different races and faiths.

Foster and promote greater co-operation between other persons and bodies involved in similar activities at national and local levels.

Advance and develop the capacity and skills of the members of the black and ethnic (including minority groups defined by faith or religious beliefs) and similar disadvantaged (including those with disabilities) youth and communities within the UK in such a way that we are better able to identify, and help meet their needs and to help them participate more in society.

The relief of unemployment for the benefit of the public by empowering local disadvantaged youth and community groups within the community through training and vocational guidance.

Create a structure/network for sporting and cultural development and learning for local disadvantaged groups in association with relevant local, national & International governing bodies/associations.

To promote a wider understanding of social cohesion and race relations in Luton and elsewhere.

Develop working partnerships with local community groups, educational and sporting establishments in order to provide volunteer and career opportunities within football by engaging with disadvantaged groups within the community.