“Positivity out of tragedy”

The Mandip Mudhar Memorial Tournament is held every year in memory of Mandip Mudhar who passed away after a road traffic accident on 1st January 2001. Mandip was a rear seat passenger and died 6 days after the accident in the Royal Free Hospital London where he was treated for severe head injuries. He was 20 years old and a first year student at Kingston University.

The tournament aims to raise money for local charities who do receive the exposure of the more recognised charities and who struggle to raise money themselves. It also aims to raise awareness and importance of organ donation.

Upon hearing Mandip would not recover consciousness, his parents decided to donate Mandip’s heart and two kidneys. His heart was given to a middle aged man and his two kidneys to a young mother and a girl of 14 who were both previously reliant on dialysis.

In 2001 a memorial match between Mandip’s friends and that of his brothers was held as a big thank you to all those who kept a week long vigil at the Royal Free Hospital. The money raised was donated to the ITU Unit at The Royal Free Hospital who had provided 24-hour care to Mandip.

The success of the match and media and community interest led to the first official MMMF football tournament in 2002, which attracted 16 teams from all over the country, again raising a large amount of money which was given to Keech Cottage. In 2003 the tournament format and number of teams increased to 26, with teams from London, the Midlands, the North and Luton.

Further growth as a yearly event was achieved in 2004 with 32 teams and then again with 40 teams in 2005.

In 2005 we were able to donate £1200 to the charity “Friends of Bright Eyes” which provides care of children with disabilities (www.friendsofbrighteyes.co.uk). The tournament increased its intake in teams in 2006 with 42 taking part and
the growth and quality of teams has increased year on year.

Supporters and sponsors of the MMMF Tournament have been varied, encompassing many social groups and organisations, including: BBC 3 Counties Radio, Luton Council of Faiths, Bedfordshire FA, Vauxhall Recreation Club, Co-op Funeral Services, ‘Kick Racism out of Football’, Sandersons Retail, KS Construction and West Ham Utd FC to name a few.

Stephen Constantine (former Indian National Football Manager and FIFA coach), has stated the following in support of the tournament:

“I believe every boy who has the dream to play should have the opportunity to play”.